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How to Make Sewing Patterns, 2nd Edition
by Don McCunn

Video Demonstrations

The video demonstrations you can see on this page were created when I taught pattern design online using the first edition of my book How to Make Sewing Patterns. While I no longer teach these online classes, the videos show the same concepts that you will find in the current edition of the book. I have included them in the same sequence as I present the material in the book progressing from Skirt to Pants to Bodice to Sleeves.

You will notice that the Skirt Sloper is refered to as the Lower Torso Sloper, a more gender friendly term, and the Bodice Sloper is referred to as the Upper Torso Sloper. With apologies to men who sew, for the current edition of my book, I have reverted to the terms Skirt and Bodice.

The Skirt (aka Lower Torso) Sloper

The Pants Sloper

The Bodice (aka Upper Torso) Sloper

The Sleeve Sloper


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