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How to Make Sewing Patterns, 2nd Edition
by Don McCunn

Table of Contents

Creating the Sloper
Designing from a Sloper
Fabric and the Body
How to Use This Book
Patternmaking Tools and Materials
Creating the Sloper Patterns
Basic Body Contours and Lines
Girth Measurements
Length Measurements
The Skirt Sloper
The Body and the Skirt
Drafting the Skirt Pattern
Initial Fitting of the Skirt
The Pants Sloper
Drafting the Pants Pattern
Optimizing the Pattern for a Tummy
Fitting the Pants
Styling Pants
The Bodice Sloper
A Man's Body & Front Pattern
The Back of the Body and the Pattern
A Woman's Body and the Front Pattern
The Sleeve Sloper
The Body and the Sleeve
The Sleeve Pattern
Pattern Alteration Techniques
Changing Seam Locations
Changing External Lines
Changing Internal Lines
Changing Dart Locations
Side Seam Bust Dart
Center Front Dart
French Dart
Curved Dart
Shoulder Darts
Changing Darts To Seams
Princess Seams
Front Yoke
Changing Back Darts to Seams
Principles of Adding Fullness
Location Of Fullness
Changing Darts To Fullness
Determining Fullness
The Procedures for Adding Fullness
Sleeve Variations
Flounced Sleeve
Gathered Sleeve Top
Gathered Sleeve Cap
Leg-Of-Mutton Sleeve

Sleeve Variations (cont'd)
Puffed Sleeve
Bell Sleeve
Cape Sleeve
Raglan Sleeve
Tunic Sleeve
The Mandarin Collar
Shirt Collar I
Shirt Collar II
The Flat Collar
Adding Fullness to Collars
Designing Garments
Skirt Waistbands
Fitted Pencil Skirt
Full Skirt
Wrap Around Skirt
The Dirndl Skirt
Pants Waistbands
Shirts and Blouses
The Body of the Shirt
The Shirt Sleeve
The Cuff
Full Sleeves and Tapered Cuffs
Dresses and Tops
Peasant Top
High Waistlines
Low Necklines
Cowl Necklines
Wrap Around Closings
Working with Knits
Handkerchief & Circular Skirts
Knit Tops
Raglan Sleeve
Jackets and Coats
Creating the Body of the Jacket
Lapels and Collars
The Two Piece Sleeve
The Dress Form
Scale Rulers
Working in Quarter Scale
Scaling Patterns
Making a Mini-Me Dress Form


Copyright © 2016 by Donald H. McCunn