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How to Make Sewing Patterns, 2nd Edition
by Don McCunn


"McCunn's book dispels the mysteries of pattern drafting, an area which was once the province of the couturier. A do-it-yourself text in which lessons build upon one another, this book provides detailed guides to creating patterns."

Library Journal

"The most readable pattern drafting book I've found. The drawings are the simplest line drawings possible but executed with concise purpose."

Whole Earth Catalog

"Donald McCunn leads the beginning seamstress or the advanced into pattern drafting via a thorough introduction. He shows that drafting is easy if each step is clearly related to the final outcome and if the drafter visualizes what he or she is doing."

Christian Science Monitor

"(This book) explains in simple and easy to understand terms how to make custom garments for the entire family with the fit of expensive tailoring. Any pattern can be drafted by making a few simply alterations to a few basic patterns."

The Plain Dealer

"How to Make Sewing Patterns is terrific - though I'm an excellent seamstress with 25 years of experience this book doubled my knowledge in one weeks time."

Judy Hopkins
Anchorage, Alaska

"Don - I've been reading your pattern making book and I'm shocked at how easy pattern making is. Yours is not the first pattern drafting book I've read - anyone who is serious about garment sewing at least toys with the idea of making their own patterns. However, the others bore me or lose me. Yours is so elegantly simple."

Victoria LeBlanc


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