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How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers
by Don McCunn

An Introduction

Cover for How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers: An Introduction
  • Description of the Series
  • Patternmaking Tools & Supplies
  • Sewing Tools and Supplies
  • Patternmaking Scale Rulers
  • Using These e-Books

Making patterns for custom-fit clothes requires certain tools and supplies. This e-Book includes videos that describe the tools and supplies needed for making the paper patterns and creating the fitting shells from fabric to optimize the accuracy of the patterns.

There is also a description for how to create patternmaking scale rulers. These rulers, while not required, come in handy for creating the initial patterns as well as subsequent patterns for specific designs.

You can also use this e-Book to try the various the interactive features of these e-Books and verify that this type of PDF file will work on your computer system.


The YouTube videos below were prepared for my online patternmaking classes. They are now available in this Interactive e-Book and represent the other videos you will find in this series.

Patternmaking Tools and Supplies

Sewing Tools and Supplies for Patternmaking

The screen shots below show the other two videos included in this e-Book.
Scale Ruler Applications How to Make a Scale Ruler
Scale Ruler Applications How to Make a
Scale Ruler

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