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How To Make Custom-Fit Slopers
by Don McCunn

How to Make Custom-Fit Sloper Covers

Pattern drafting may seem complex and mystifying, but it is basically a simple process. In essence, a two-dimensional piece of material is shaped and altered so that it will cover a three-dimensional body. For custom-fit patterns, the first step is to create Slopers that show the contours of a specific body. These Slopers can then be used to create different designs.

How to Make Custom-Fit Slopers is a series of interactive e-Books that include videos as well as written descriptions. The videos were created for a series of online classes to provide demonstrations of the processes described in the paperback book How to Make Sewing Patterns. The e-Books combine the videos with the step-by-step instructions from the second edition of this book. The e-Books may be used as stand alone instruction manuals for specific Slopers or as visual learning companions to the paperback book.

Important Note

The e-Books in this series are designed to work with Adobe Reader XI.
Testing indicates the e-Books do not work with smart phones or tablets.
To verify they will work on your system, use the free Introduction.

To optimize clarity and flexibility, the series is divided into separate e-Books that cover specific topics. With the exception of the Sleeve Sloper, the process for creating the initial paper pattern is in one e-Book; the process for creating a fabric fitting shell is in a second, separate e-Book.

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